Война во Вьетнаме (фото и видео)

US MACV-SOG members from RT Colorado in Viet Cong disguises, Vietnam, OB-2 (CCC), Kontum, 1968
MAC-V SOG 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line gear.

1st Line:

Watch, pocket knife, compass, signal mirror, pen flare gun with extra flares, emergency radio, strobe light, pen and paper, signal whistle, matches, signal panel, and water purification tablets.

2nd Line:

CAR-15 with 21 magazines, six M67 frags, three Dutch-made V40 mini hand grenades (golf ball-sized), poncho, two 1-qt canteens, carabiners, smoke grenade, gas mask, M1911A1, and bandages.

3rd Line:

C4 Demo Blocks, detonators, machete, Claymore mine, smoke grenades, one gallon of water, zip ties, Alice pack.
Members of U.S. Navy SEAL Team One in the Mekong-Delta, November 19, 1967, Vietnam War

A US Special Forces Officer inspects the Danish Madden submachine guns of a platoon of Rhade Montagnard Mountain Scouts

Thai special operations soldiers wash in a small pool during a break in operations, Nhon Trac, 19 October 1967

Despite taking a gunshot to the head, a US Special Forces soldier continues to organize and coordinate his element as North Vietnamese troops lay siege to Special Forces Base Ben Het, June 1969


В наряде по кухне
Люди пытаются забраться в самолёт, во время эвакуации американских войск.
Южный Вьетнам. 1 апреля 1975 года.

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