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IDF building 'Lebanese village' in northern Israel for combat training

Similar facility in southern Israel designed to simulate urban combat against Hamas in Gaza Strip
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Monday laid the cornerstone for a mock Lebanese city to be built in northern Israel in order to prepare and train combat forces for a possible future conflict with Hezbollah, the army announced.

The "Snir" training facility will resemble a large Lebanese village, with a Hezbollah command and control headquarters, residential buildings, mosques, and public buildings from which forces can simulate rocket launches.

The IDF said in a statement that the facility will enable ground forces to be prepared for battle against Hezbollah. The facility is unique in that it has multiple entry points, and that it is large and wide enough to accommodate tanks, other vehicles, as well as the use of live ammunition during training -- something not possible in the country's other urban warfare training facilities.

A similar facility built at the southern army base of Tze’elim is designed to simulate urban combat against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.


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"Снир" это ещё и кибуц рядом с шоссе 999. Думаю, название не случайно.
Ну, то, что и киббуц (классный, кстати) и сей полигон, располагаются на берегах великой речушки Снир - это точно :).