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US Navy ballistic missile intercept test fails
By: David B. Larter, June 22, 2017 (Photo Credit: MC1 Nardel Gervacio/U.S. Navy)
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Navy conducted a failed ballistic missile intercept Wednesday with its SM-3 Block IIA off the coast of Hawaii.

The destroyer John Paul Jones, running the Navy’s top-of-the-line Aegis Baseline 9.C2 combat system, failed to intercept a medium-range ballistic missile launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility at Kauai, Hawaii.

The destroyer detected and tracked the target on the AN/SPY-1 phased array radar but was unable to intercept it. It was the second test of this latest iteration of the SM-3. The John Paul Jones successfully shot down a target in February with it. That test was the first intercept using Baseline 9.2C.

“Program officials will conduct an extensive analysis of the test data,” a news release for the U.S. Missile Defense Agency said Thursday.

The test also marked the fourth flight test of the SM-3 Block IIA and the second time it was launched from a ship. John Paul Jones is the Navy's missile defense ship; it replaced the cruiser Lake Erie in 2014. Lake Erie was the test ship since 2000 and is currently on deployment in the Asia-Pacific region.

The missile is being developed by Raytheon and is a joint project between the U.S. and Japan, designed to counter rising missile threats from North Korea.
Агентство по противоракетной обороне США (Missile Defense Agency, MDA) успешно провело испытания системы ПРО театра военных действий THAAD. Комплекс, расположенный на острове Кадьяк у южного побережья Аляски, уничтожил баллистическую мишень, запущенную с военно-транспортного самолета C-17 Globemaster, находившегося севернее Гавайских островов. Сообщение об успешном испытании размещено на сайте агентства (прямой доступ из России заблокирован).
я постил пару месяцев назад :) но до "готовы к бою" еще далеко, армия вроде еще не определилась какую систему возьмет
The first video (below) shows the cover system replacement for the AN/FPS-85 phased array radar, located at site C-6, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. The radar tracks near- and deep-space objects. The cover system provides up to 10 years of environmental protection for the antenna elements with no degrading of radar performance.

The second video (below) captures the installation of refurbished mounts at the White Sands Missile Range’s Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS) system in Socorro, New Mexico. This massive effort required not only the replacement of system mounts—each weighing approximately 16,700 pounds—but also the removal and re-installation of the telescope and dome—a combined weight of approximately 8,000 pounds—for each replaced mount.