Наглядная агитация pro-gun

Интересный ролик ( с моей дилетантской точки зрения , а может и не только )
1. Помню тут было поломано много копей на тему чем стрелять и сколько хватит, в ролике кмк в грабителя всадили пуль 5-6 и он ещё бежал.
2. Конечно же ролик показательный и в полне может использоватся в целях агитации, тут и защита своей женщины, своей жизни, имущества.
3. У парня яйца стальные.

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Off-Duty Cop Kills thug during an attempted robbery of a jewelry
Google translated: thief is killed by police officer in attempted assault
Officer was out of business with his wife.
He reacted and killed one of the robbers; A comrade managed to escape.

An armed robber was killed by a police officer during an attempted robbery of a jewelry store in central São José dos Campos (SP) on Wednesday afternoon (23). The crime was around 2 pm on Coronel José Monteiro street. (See video above)
The video released by the Civil Police shows when a couple approaches the entrance of the jewelry store and is approached by two criminals, who entered the establishment minutes before the police arrived with his wife.
After approaching the duo, who tries to surrender the couple, the out-of-work cop takes out the gun and shoots the suspects several times. One of the suspects was shot and died on the spot.

Passing Driver Kills Man Attacking Arizona Trooper on Road
Trooper Edward Andersson, a 27-year veteran of the Department of Public Safety, was shot in the right shoulder and chest in what authorities called an ambush and was in serious but stable condition after surgery at a Goodyear hospital.

"My trooper would not be alive without his assistance," DPS Director Frank Milstead said of the driver who stopped.

Arizona has a "defense of third person" law that allows someone to use deadly force against another who is threatening or injuring a third person. It was not unusual that the passing driver was armed in this gun-friendly state with loose regulations.

"Arizona was open-carry before it was a state," Charles Heller, co-founder of guns-rights group the Arizona Citizens Defense League, said of laws allowing people to carry firearms in public. "If you see a guy walking down the street in Tucson, Arizona, with a gun on, you don't think much of it. It's natural."

The drama unfolded at an early-morning rollover wreck on Interstate 10 in the desert west of Phoenix that ejected and killed a woman. Authorities believe the man who shot Andersson was driving the car that crashed.

Officials said they were trying to determine exactly what happened and that the investigation faced major hurdles with Andersson seriously injured and two others dead. Their identities were not immediately released.

A separate driver reported gunfire and Andersson was responding to that call when he spotted the wreck and stopped, Milstead and DPS Capt. Damon Cecil said.

Andersson was putting out flares when the suspect opened fire and then physically attacked the wounded trooper, Milstead said. Both Milstead and Cecil said was ambushed.

The man was on top of the officer and "getting the better of him," slamming Andersson's head against the pavement, Milstead said. That's when the passing driver showed up and asked if the trooper needed help.

Andersson said yes, and the passer-by went back to his vehicle, got his gun and told the suspect to stop the attack, Milstead said. When he didn't, the driver shot him.