Девушки с оружием


Не фото, печалька:
Girl Selling ak–47's

По мотивам "La Tricoteuse" (William–Adolphe Bouguereau).
Gray Zao | Women, Guns, Oil paintings
Train trip

“Can I sit next to you?” — said the girl.
“What? Who are you?” — said the woman.
“I don’t know. A girl?”
“How old are you?”
“Six, I guess.”
“Oh, you’re a war baby.”
“What’s that?”
“You’re born and have lived your whole life in wartime.”
“Are you a war baby, too?”
“You’re a peace baby?”
“Y... Yes. Everyone used to be a peace baby.”
“What’s peace like?”
“It’s like… um... normal?”
“War is normal.”
“Oh… Then peace is the opposite of normal.”
“Like having a family?”
“Yes… Hey, you need a mom?”