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  • The Forum is finally up and running - feel free to visit and post !
  • Palestinian weapons contraband - an article about the weapons captured on the Santorini and Karin-A ships in the Analysis section. Although the article was originally written shortly after the capture of the ship Karin-A, it is still very relevant, since it provides considerable information about the weapons the Palestinian terrorists could have accumulated in the Gaza strip.
  • New article dedicated to Israel's possibly most famous weapon - the Merkava MBT series, history, all the Merkava models, production, and photos.
  • Opening the IDF section, two new articles - All IAF's aircraft - a detailed list of all the planes and helicopters currently in IAF inventory, as well as plans for future additions and upgrades, and About the Hebrew language, useful general information regarding Hebrew terms, names, acronyms and such.
  Hopefully, we'll be able to translate and add more material soon.



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